Monday, November 30th, 2015

Tell Your Insurance Adjuster About Mold in History

Getting your insurance company or your landlord to repair the mold damage to your home or apartment is almost the equivalent of trying to pull teeth without going to the dentist and receiving no anesthetic. Most insurance policies do not cover mold damage to your home unless it is due to something that your insurance policy DOES cover, such as water damage (except when said damage was due to a flood).

If you have a landlord and the property that you live on is infested with mold, getting the landlord’s attention and getting him to remedy the problem is sometimes a big problem by itself, even though the property does not belong to you.

Some landlords and insurance claims adjusters will tell you that mold is not as big of a problem as some media stations and remediation companies are making it out to be, but the fact is that the proof is there. All you have to do is research for yourself and the Centers for Disease Control and even the Holy Bible itself says that mold is a serious health threat. You do not have to look very far into the Bible to see its account of what mold infested homes used to go through.

Leviticus 14:37-49 says if you suspected that your home was infested with mold you were to do what anyone else who lived during that time would do for almost any problem occurring in their lives: you would visit the rabbi. The rabbi would come to your house, inspect it, and deem it either diseased or clean. If it was deemed to be diseased or “plagued”, everything was removed from the household. These items were taken far away from town to what the Bible calls an “unclean place” The house was closed for seven days and the rabbi returned at the end of that period to see if the infection remained.

If it did, the house was torn down, the building materials taken to that unclean place, and the home re-built. Clothing deemed contaminated by the rabbi was also thrown away.

So, no matter what any landlord or insurance claims adjuster might tell you, mold is a dangerous threat to yourself and has been a problem since ancient times. Do not agree with them when they tell you that the mold is not a health threat or that the contamination is somehow your fault. Remain consistent in your effort to file your claim or to get your landlord to fix the problem.

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Jim Corkern is a write and promoter of quality water damage restoration companies and mold remediation companies across the united states.


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